Terms & Policies



To Reserve, please contact us. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to deny reservations. All Reservations require a $500.00 deposit.  

Reservations are confirmed with a signed contract accepting company policies.    

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation or changes will only be permitted up to 45 days in advance of your vacation. 
All cancellations are subject to refund less a fee of $150.00.


The balance of the charter fee is due and payable 45 days before departure. We accept Visa/Mastercard.

security deposit:

Security Deposit is $2500.00 (refundable) may be applied to the cost of replacing any broken or lost inventory items, returning of the vessel in an unclean condition, late return charges, damage to propeller, out drive,hull, engine or other boat parts or any other charges outlined in the Rules. (payable by Visa or MasterCard).   

additional expenses:

  1. CHARTER PROTECTION FEE is $33./per day (non-refundable)
    The Charter protection fee covers fire, flood, marine collision.

    Any damages resulting from willful damage, negligence or willful misuse by charterer, family, guests, and agents, for which charterer may be solely liable which comes out of the damage deposit.

  2. FUEL: The houseboat is sent out with a full fuel tank. Fuel used during and refueling at the end of your voyage are your cost and must be paid to the marina. Typical running time costs at cruise is $15.00 per hour of running time. For the average charter you should budget $20 -$30 per day for fuel. Of course, it depends on how much traveling you do! The houseboats are equipped with a 230 liter tank. You will leave the dock with a full tank of fuel. You will not need to refuel until you return.

  3. HOLDING TANKS: The houseboat is sent out with empty holding tanks for sewage and used water. Pump outs during and at the end of your voyage are your cost and must be paid to the marina. Marina pump out fee is $45 flat rate.

  4. HOT TUB: Cost for the use of Hot tub is $125 plus taxes. (Optional)

  5. KAYAKS/DINGHIES: Cost for the use of Kayaks/ Dinghies is $15 (Optional)

  6. EARLY BOARDING OPTION: Board a day early at 6pm for just an additional $199, **availability depending**

  7. BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES: Add an additional $200

  8. CLEANING FEE: We "DO NOT " Charge a cleaning fee. There is a $250 Cleaning Fee should the houseboat be returned without cleaning as per on-board check-out instructions. We supply all the cleaning supplies !! Our marina staff cleaners bill us out at $50. per hour for non-cleaned returned vessels, which we have to bill you.

If your charter is more then one week, we suggest returning to the marina to refuel, have your holding tank pumped out and have your propane bottles checked.


Please note that your designated set arrival time is very important. You and ALL YOUR GUESTS must arrive at your designated set time sharp. Late arrivals are cause for delays and create the possibility that our staff has left the marina. Please note that marina parking lot is $5.per day. Street parking is free in designated areas.


Boats are sent out clean with cleaning supplies.  They are expected to return relatively clean, dishes washed.  We always wash the floors and sanitize the bath room fixtures and hot tub.  The water is changed each trip and minimum chemicals are used.  Note: All Grey and Black water are captured on our vessels and pumped out at the marina. Maintain the vessel as you received it. There is a $250.00 penalty that will be enforced for vessels left otherwise. Make sure you follow our postings in the vessel.

pet policy:

We understand that your pet(s) are like family members so we want to allow them but we do have set guild lines: 

Pets are permitted but must be pre-registered at time of booking

A pet fee of $75 will apply with a Maximum of 2 pets only
"Must not be on the upholstery and beds"
Any additional cleaning will be charged if boat is left with a wet-dog smell and/or shedding hair on upholstery.

safety regulations:

Lifejackets onboard are for use of IN CASE of EMERGENCY ONLY.

You must bring personal flotation device or a standard type approved lifejacket for all persons Under 80lbs.

Houseboats must be beached 2 hours prior to sunset, Transport Canada Regulations. Beaching time will be discussed upon your departure. Sunset varies month to month.This is a very serious regulation.
A captains lesson is provided, no boating license required
Transport Canada requires 2 people holding a valid drivers license and are over the age of 23