What to expect:

Once you arrive at the Cowichan Lake Marina you will see the Island Houseboats Sign and you'll know you've come to the right place!

If you have any problems or questions you can call us at the marina at 250-686-6750.

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1. Parking For unloading:

When you arrive, please park in an area clear of the boat ramp, but relatively close so as to make unloading easy.

2. Check in:

Follow the walking ramp all the way down to the gas dock, Jeff will be there to greet you and show you your houseboat.

3. Captains lesson begins promptly:

Both captains will begin the lesson with Jeff promptly at checkin time.

The Captains lesson is where you will be shown how to operate the houseboat, including driving, parking, operating the generators, hottub, propane, etc.

No boating license is required but please note transport Canada requires 2 people holding a valid drivers license and are over the age of 23. 

Once the lesson is completed, you can start loading and unloading your luggage.

4. Unloading:

We have luggage carts available for your convenience. Please return carts to the bottom of the walkway ramp after unloading your belongings to the vessel.

Please unload all your luggage, groceries and guests from your cars and load the houseboat. 

4. Getting Ice:

The marina sells ice, which you probably want to purchase for the extra large cooler on the top deck. Purchase and load your ice into the houseboat.

4. Parking after unloading:

Only two vehicles can be parked on the Marina parking lot, all other cars must be parked on the street. Avoid the 30 min. parking area at all cost. Stay clear of the boating ramp area at all times.  If you experience any problems parking please notify Jeff.   

The parking lot is monitored by cameras, but it's still a good idea not to leave any valuables in your car. 

5. departure!



Please note: in order to avoid disappointment please ensure all guests arrive promptly at check-in time. We cannot be responsible for late check-ins.

Please note ALL YOUR GUESTS must arrive at your designated check in time. Late arrivals are cause for delays and create the possibility that our staff has left the marina.

 It is your responsibility to ensure everyone on board in informed about the rules laid out in our contract. We advise you to email your contract to all your guests. 

Pre boarding time,  Jeff will phone you on your cell around 4 pm or earlier of the pre-boarding day to confirm your specific boarding time. All guests must board with you at that time because once the captains lesson is completed, you will leave the marina.


Please clean the houseboat and leave it the way you found it: Wash dishes, wipe down counters, sweep and mop floors etc.

You will then return to the marina,get refuelled and have your wastewater pumped as well as commence unloading.

Improper cleaning may result in a $250 cleaning fee.


While You're On The Water:

Cowichan Lake has over 150kms of shoreline. The areas closest to the town of Lake Cowichan have cell service, but some areas farther west may not.

There are plenty of places to beach your houseboat. Beaching MUST take place prior 2 hours to sunset.

( Transport Canada regulation)

Each boat comes with very large map of the lake. Green area are a go and red areas are to stay away from. Jeff will cover all of this with you before leaving the marina.

If you have any trouble or problems, Jeff can come out to help you.

Most importantly!

Have fun! 



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